Farah Ereiqat
Farah Ereiqat
Social impact researcher and strategist

I build for communities in need

I’m a multi-faceted researcher and strategist with experience across the tech and public sectors. I currently lead refugee research for Airbnb’s Open Homes program, a platform to support resettlement for refugees, disaster evacuees, and medical travelers. Before that, I worked for the Millennium Challenge Corporation, a US foreign aid agency focused on competitive selection and country ownership of the aid process. Through my work on the selection team, I helped the government’s of Kosovo and Sierra Leone qualify for transformative amounts of funding.

I studied Environmental Economics at Berkeley and Urban Planning at Harvard’s Graduate School of Design. My passion lies at the intersection of tech, ethnographic research, and building real impact for those in need.

When it comes to research, I specialize in both qualitative and quantitative methods and can create a discussion guide just as well as an M&E plan.

When I’m not researching (I’m always researching!) you can find me traveling, hiking, or doing yoga. I also advise some pretty awesome startups including Localized and Tarjimly and serve on the board of the Arab Film and Media Institute.

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